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NASA's first Earth Venture Instrument mission will measure pollution of North America, from Mexico City to the Canadian oil sands, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific hourly and at high spatial resolution. TEMPO observations are from the geostationary vantage point, flying on a telecommunications host spacecraft with the goal to launch in 2019.

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TEMPO Instrument

The TEMPO instrument is a UV-visible spectrometer, and will be the first ever space-based instrument to monitor air pollutants hourly across the North American continent during daytime. It will collect high-resolution measurements of ozone, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants, data which will revolutionize air quality forecasts.

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Dec 07, 2018 | NASA’s TEMPO Instrument Successfully Completes Development
The TEMPO instrument has successfully completed development by Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp., in Boulder, Colorado and has been formally accepted by NASA. NASA has taken over ownership of the Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) flight hardware, but the instrument will remain in storage at Ball while a host spacecraft is selected.

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Graphic overview of TEMPO mission TEMPO will be the North American component of a global group of satellites tracking air pollution from geosynchronous orbit. Artist's illustration of TEMPO satellite host The TEMPO mission will measure air pollution at 355 times the resolution of the GOME-2 satellite, and 50 times the OMI satellite's spatial scale. Illustration of data flow for TEMPO operations