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NASA's first Earth Venture Instrument mission will measure pollution of North America, from Mexico City to the Canadian oil sands, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific hourly and at high spatial resolution. TEMPO observations are from the geostationary vantage point, flying on a telecommunications host spacecraft with the goal to launch in 2019.

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TEMPO Instrument

The TEMPO instrument is a UV-visible spectrometer, and will be the first ever space-based instrument to monitor air pollutants hourly across the North American continent during daytime. It will collect high-resolution measurements of ozone, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants, data which will revolutionize air quality forecasts.

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July 22, 2019 | TEMPO Air Pollution Sensor Books A Ride To Space
NASA has secured a host satellite provider and ride into space for an instrument that will dramatically advance our understanding of air quality over North America. Maxar Technologies of Westminster, Colorado, will provide satellite integration, launch and data transmission services for TEMPO, an Earth science instrument that will observe air pollution over North America in unprecedented detail from a geostationary orbit.

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